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Westward Seafood has a main production plant in Dutch Harbor, that focuses on Alaskan Pollock - Westward Seafoods has the ability to source more Alaskan fish and shellfish from the Bering Sea to the Gulf of Alaska, in order to better meet the demands of the world-wide growing market for quality sustainable seafood. Today, Westward Seafoods continues to be a leader in Alaska’s seafood industry.


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Former Contractor - Processor says

"I worked at Westward Seafoods Cons: Four people to a two "bedroom" unit, with a mix of day and night shift people in the same unit. 18 hour "mandatory overtime" shifts, and if the season is a bad one (like the one I worked), the money is not worth taking the job."

Current Employee - Manager says

"I have been working at Westward Seafoods full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Tough place to trust folks"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Westward Seafoods full-time Cons: Seasonal work causes workload to fluctuate."

Current Contractor - Anonymous Contractor says

"I have been working at Westward Seafoods for more than 3 years Cons: Working in Alaska is cold so I can't work the way I want too and you are not sweeting there"

Processor (Former Employee) says

"The work fills the wallet, but leads dont care for their teams. Drives them like slaves and then if you get injured they either dont take it seriously or they take forever to take care of anything. And the entire time they "work on it" you have to stay at they're facility while their insurance company takes forever to do anything, almost feels like being kept as a prisoner. Cons: Poor management. Rooms poorly maintained."

Seafood Processor Seasonal (Former Employee) says

"I consider myself to be an intelligent person, with many skill sets; None of which were utilized at this company. From day one the attitudes were abrasive and conniving. I consider this company one of the most heinous employers in the united states. Cons: You are treated much like a prisoner"

Seafood Processor (Former Employee) says

"Everyday all day long just unloading freezers after freezers not stop and nothing else, no opportunity to go to other departments to learn other areas and have a little variety."

Production Worker (Former Employee) says

"Very poor management services ! They do not CARE about you at all! The security that works there are so stupid and act like they are the manager and when you asked them a question they hesitate to answer and act so stupid. This is not a good company to work with. I had a very bad experience with them. Furthermore, the employees that works there do not speak English at all, a lot of Filipinos works there and you would hear them talk Tagalog only,I find that very disrespectful. Cons: Very poor management services"

Processor (Former Employee) says

"Old Schoolers will tell you truthfully: Never pay to get a job in this industry, and never take an hourly wage. If you don't get a %, you are being robbed. Cons: Frozen wasteland and only one way home."

Processor (Former Employee) says

"I was excited to come to a seafood plant, but that all ended after two weeks of working there. After first signing on I was told to think of this as a family, but when I wanted to ask question it was clear this was no family what so ever. My stomach was hurting for two weeks because of the food, but I decided to tough it out and even though I did a great job I wasn't giving an review that reflected that and even there's no way I would ever come back here I'm just glad the experience is OVER. Cons: Food, people, and the enivronment"

Process Worker (Former Employee) says

"It was like working at a penial colony they didnt make it interesting, not like unisea that place was great I loved working there"

Quality Control/Loading Dock Lead (Former Employee) says

"Bad food, favoritism, lack of communication, managers that think they know everything but don’t, yell and disrespect you in front of people. Cons: Horrible place to work at, I would even send a homeless person there"

Processor (Former Employee) says

"The company doesn’t care about their employees. Too much favoritism. Supervisors are careless and makes sure you are not having it. You try your hardest and there will be employees out to get you to make sure you are at the bottom. Too much drama and gossip. To be honest very unprofessional. Cons: No days off, poor management, breaks their policies"

Seafood Processor (Former Employee) says

"Did not have a good experience, management was not nice, very rude, also environment was very bad. Had to fly there, the hours were good as well as the money, but everything else not good."

Power Plant Operator (Former Employee) says

"The company lies very badly there are no sacred jobbs but upper management that’s my problem with them they violate federal law a lie to people they bring from other countries they enslave them it’s sad Cons: No breaks and lies"

Plant Maintenance Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Doing rounds start of shift, making sure all the conveyors are running and no breakdown. Give my crew task for that day, making sure everything is explain correctly, so no mistake. Make sure, to supervise and guide them. Cons: Low salary"

Vessel Accountant (Former Employee) says

"I worked for this company for several years, first as a seasonal employee, then as full time. I found that as a hard working seasonal employee, that everything went well. When I got the full time position everything started great, but after some time, favoritism began to take over. Eventually I was being harrassed by management, and when I tried discussing it with the HR department, basically was denied any assistance. Cons: Long hours, no time off, unfair management."

processor (Former Employee) says

"The plant is on the island of Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Everything paid for. Repetitive work might be an understatement. It's an experience but not too many would leave there state to work for Alaska's minumum wage. The hours made up for it since we were working 12 plus hours, 7 days a week. Overall not too bad if you can handle the hours. Since everything is paid for you come home with all your savings from the season. Cons: long hours"

Fish Processor (Former Employee) says

"Not worth leaving family for far away trip to work long hours and little pay. They deduct room and board from your pay when sharing rooms with three other people. Cons: all the above"

Seafood Processor and Warehouse Operator (Former Employee) says

"NO fun at all.Pepole were rude and the food was bad.But all my Leades were nice.The Work was long hours 12 to 18 hours a day 7 days a week.So ikept busy that's one thing I liked about it was the long hours.."

Seafood Processor (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work on night shift consisted of waking up around 4p going to eat and then going to work by 5:45p working for 4 hours then taking a break and then an additional break for lunch and final break before last four hours. Often the training was lacking and if you did not grasp what you were doing rarely did anyone try to help you understand it. Cons: Favoritism, Management not paying attention"

Processor/ Maintenance (Former Employee) says

"They need to train employees more before putting them to work. They need to keep better track of the hours that employees work because I have knowledge that people did not get paid right. They need to treat the employees with better respect. I liked the work and the Maintenance I did for them but I would not go back to work for that company. They just need an attitude adjustment in the Management. Cons: Manegment needs restructuring"

Processor (Former Employee) says

"cased up fish, machine operator, forklift driver Cons: na"

Seafood Processor (Former Employee) says

"Very long Hours no days off lack of leadership very hard to understand because the leaders did not speak English very well Cons: No days off"

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